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April 2019

Find us every other Sunday at

The Stratford Slow Food Market!!

 Winter hours:


Indoor location:

10 Downie Street/Festival Square 

Upcoming Market Dates:

Slow Food: April 21st and May 4th


Spring Handmade Market

at 13th Street Winery

May 10th and 11th!!

**Our BIG NEWS this week!***

We will be returning to the Spring Handmade Market at 13th Street Winery in May! This is always an amazing event with so many fantastic artisans and creators welcomed to this beautiful winery in the Niagara Region. We are very excited to see many of you there and we are already dreaming of their legendary butter tarts!! 

Closer to home, we have had a bunch of new fans reach out to us lately and we are always happy to hear the great feedback and supportive words. You can always get in touch through our various Social Media links or email us directly at

Or come find us in person at the Slow Food Market in Downtown Stratford at their indoor location, 10 Downie Street (Festival Square)  

For the next few months, Pickles Eh! is on an every other week schedule at the Slow Food Market and so we will return there on April 21st!

And then on May 4th, the Market will move back outside to the fabulous and friendly Market Square in downtown Stratford! That's when we return to an every Sunday schedule. It will be nice to see more people out as the weather warms up and the amazing tourists return to out downtown too!

So please come visit The Stratford Slow Food Market every Sunday at it's indoor location (10 Downie Street) for all your veggies, meat, eggs, cheese, pastries, chocolate, and wine needs...and of course pickles :)) 

In 2019 we aim to be on a few more retail shelves, appear in a few more markets, keep your fulfilling online orders and do our best to keep on top of it all. We're working hard in the kitchen to keep our shelves full.

If what you want is unavailable or out of stock on the site today, please check back in a few days. It will hopefully be ready and available soon. 


Dana and Andy

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What we do.

Pickles Eh! makes small batch preserves with a focus on local and ethically sourced produce for people that care about where their food comes from. As well as pickles, we make jams, marmalades, chutneys, mustards and a variety of infused vinegars.

Who we are.


My husband says he doesn't like strawberry jam, but your Strawberry Jam with Vanilla Bean is disappearing from our fridge at an alarming rate.

Marg, Stratford, ON

Their products are incredible. I'm obsessed with the Pickled Beets. My lips and fingers are permanently purple!

Brittany, Niagara Falls, ON

I don't like mustard, and I don't like horseradish, but your Horseradish Mustard is amazing!

Chris, Hamilton, ON