Planning for 2019, and where to find us.

The snow keeps blowing and it is getting colder and colder outside. All the better reason to stay in the nice warm kitchen, work on our pickles, and plan for the warmer months!

As you can see, Dana and I are trying to stay on top of our schedules for this year and plan further ahead to build the business and keep you, our wonderful customers, happy!

We have had people reach out to us and seek us out this season and we are always happy to hear the great feedback and supportive words. You can always find us through our various Social Media links or email us directly at We can also be found in person at the Slow Food Market in Downtown Stratford. Pickles Eh! is currently in an every other week schedule at the Slow Food Market and so we will return there on February 10th, and then the 24th , and then March 10th.... you get the idea.

All that will change come May when the Market will move outside to Market Square (behind City Hall) and we return to an every week schedule. It will be nice to see more people out as the weather warms up and the amazing tourists return to out downtown too! In the meantime, please visit the Slow Food Market every Sunday at its indoor location (10 Downie Street) for all your veggies, meat, eggs, cheese, pastries, chocolate, and wine needs).

In 2019 we aim to be on a few more retail shelves, appear in a few more markets, keep fulfilling online orders and do our best to keep on top of it all. We're working hard in the kitchen to keep our shelves full. If what you want is unavailable or out of stock on the site today, please check back in a few days. It will hopefully be ready and available soon. Thanks to all of you and check back again soon for more news!

Stay warm out there!

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  • Let me just say I was lucky enough to enjoy your pickled beets and dilly carrots last year when I attended the Handmade market in Niagara Falls last year. Loved them and now I have a craving.

    Do you sell any of your items out this way ( I actually live in St Catharines) or can one order online?

    Dana Spurr

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